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Shay, 19, living in Canada. I want to be FIT, HEALTHY, TONED and SEXY. I am doing this 100% healthily, with lots of exercise and good food.

SW: 165

CW: 158

GW1: 150

GW2: 145




13 minute mile

12 minute mile

11 minute mile

10 minute mile

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- On my way to a healthy body

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life motto <3

you got it ;)
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I hate it when guys give that whole “I like a girl who can eat a big mac, not just rice cakes” crap.



Really? Do you really like a girl who can eat 823 calories of junk? I bet you like a girl who eats the extra 450 calories worth of damn fries on the side too right? Well I can bet you that you don’t like the 250 pound girl who eats like that. You like the 115 pound blonde bombshell who is naturally skinny. So what I really think you meant to say was: “I like a girl with a naturally fast metabolism”. Bitch, please.

I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS!! Guys say yeah it’s sexy when a girl can eat!! If it was someone really overweight scarfing big macs or chicken wings…I don’t think that is so sexy.  Only when skinny girls eat mountains of crap.

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To Everyone who has recieved their Pottermore Welcome emails

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So I haven’t posted in quite a while

I’ve been super busy doing other stuff, and to be honest I’ve kind of lost a lot of motivation.  

I’m planning on picking it back up in september, when 1. I’m starting my vegetarian diet, and 2. I’ll be going to the gym on my lunch break.

So I guess for the next two weeks I’m kind of….not doing much? 

Would you believe I’ve lost over 80 followers because I haven’t posted in 2 weeks? Wowzaa

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